Dr. Peter Moloney

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Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa 1971

doctor of laws with best

On October 26, 1971, honorary degrees were conferred on seven medical scientists whose research had been concerned with insulin or related subjects. including three from University of Toronto, one of whom was Dr. Peter Moloney. University of Toronto Chancellor Pauline McGibbon and Dr. Charles H. Best stand next to him. Details surrounding this event follow, including an excellent concise summary of Dr. Moloney's significant works, and the presentation address given for Dr. Moloney that evening.


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Munich 1935

Girl with Early InsulinPeter Moloney wrote home several times during his stays in Europe. He spent the summer of 1935 in Munich, and although writing any political details would have been very dangerous, this selection of his letters give the most excellent details of Peter's character: observant, conscientious husband and father. 


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contox 1977 cropTwo articles presented here from CONTOX, a publication of Connaught Laboratories, offer a moving tribute to Canadian scientist Dr. Peter Moloney. One is written by lifelong friend Dr. Anthony Tosoni, whose post graduate studies produced crystallized penicillin under Dr. Moloney's guidance.




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Hospital Lab

 Dr. Moloney was on the Advisory Board of St. Michael's Hospital for many years. Recollections of Michael O'Sullivan, Director of the S.M.H. Biochemistry Department 1941-1973 show how Dr. Moloney was the key figure in updating the laboratory from its unsatisfactory condition to a modern facility, which was a major factor leading to its prominence as a world class health facility.

Photo/Document credits courtesy of St. Michael Archives

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Gaston Ramon

 Gaston Ramon, who became a close friend of Dr. Moloney, discovered the vaccine for diphtheria at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1922. An authoritative biography of Ramon follows, in french. Three letters appear first from Dr. Moloney to Ramon, which show the extent of their collaboration and friendship.

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In Berlin 1914

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Travel documents here witness silently to Peter's presence in Berlin; his stay was to end with a rush to safety just days before hostilities began with declaration of war on August 4, 1914. Peter went there with Fr. Henry Carr, C.S.B., his lifelong friend, to improve his German. Having learned it during childhood from the Grawey family, he would eventually need formal training in order to be able to read German scientific publications.

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